Biking, Hiking & ATV

Not everyone prefers to travel within the confines of a car. Sometimes you just have to take the bikes or ATVs out and eat some dust! Humboldt County has hundreds of miles of back roads that are ready for you to ride. Most motorcycle enthusiasts begin their desert trek accessing trails behind Winnemucca Mountain or by driving their trucks and trailers up Water Canyon Road and parking at one of the campgrounds. Winter can also be a time of fun with numerous locations for sledding, snow shoeing and cross country skiing, not to mention snowmobiling in the high country.

Another jumping off point for motorcycles and ATVs is Sand Pass Road, located just 11 miles north of Winnemucca on US Highway 95. This road travels almost due east into the desert, and affords some awesome views, as well as a terrific ride.

The Sonoma Mountains are also excellent for back country excursions, and are frequently accessed by riders on both motorcycles and mountain bikes, horseback or hiking. Several of the deep V-shaped canyons also offer spring-fed creeks and pleasant camping experiences.

Bloody Shins Trail

Bloody Shins Trail is a single-track course located just east of Winnemucca at the top of Kluncy Canyon Rd. It offers beginning riders a 7-mile course. The trail is fairly easy and climbs an elevation from 4,570 feet to 4,820 feet. Intermediate riders are invited to try their skills on the 12-mile track, a slightly more difficult course which rises 1,000 feet. Both courses are open March-November. The trails are available for non-motorized uses: mountain biking, hiking/jogging, and horseback riding. (Winnemucca BLM Field Office)

Winnemucca Sand Dunes

The Winnemucca Sand Dunes are located off or US-95 North of Winnemucca. The dunes are open to motorcycles and ATVs. Camping is also permitted. (Winnemucca BLM Field Office)

Water Canyon Recreational Area

Water Canyon rises almost 2,000 feet above the town of Winnemucca. It is located by taking Hanson Street to the very top, which transitions into Water Canyon Road. It is managed by the BLM- Winnemucca Field Office. Water Canyon offers overnight camping, picnicking, hiking, biking, and limited ATV use. There is also an interpretive trail being created to offer visitors a self-guided tour to learn about local flora and fauna and the importance of the canyon to local history. Many species of animals can also be found creating a prime wildlife watching area.

Hinkey Summit

Hinkey Summit is located in the beautiful Santa Rosa Mountain Range. From May to mid-June, the vast panoramas and hillsides of wild flowers are awe-inspiring. Hinkey Summit is managed by the US Forestry office out of Winnemucca. It can be found 40 miles northeast of Winnemucca just beyond Paradise Valley. It is at the end of Nevada State Highway 219, which branches off from U.S. Highway 95.

Please visit the local BLM office website for more information on biking, hiking, atving, as well as other recreational opportunities in the area.

Bureau of Land Mangagement- Winnemucca Field Office