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Welcome to Winnemucca, Nevada: the Crossroads of the West.

Our high desert city is full of classic charm. Our historic downtown area is interspersed with delightful boutiques, restaurants, pubs and the hometown businesses that serve our community.

Winnemucca is a great jumping-off point for many types of outdoor recreation. Nearby are fabulous hiking, hunting and biking trails, as well as miles of ATV and off-road adventure trails. In town, there are over 1,000 hotel rooms, several diverse restaurants, casino gaming, and plenty of other opportunities for fun.

Winnemucca has never laid claim to being the oldest settlement in the state, but its location has been more or less continuously occupied since about 1830 when beaver trappers like Peter Ogden established a camp here on what they called Mary’s River.

Twenty years later, when westward bound wagon trains began using the Humboldt Trail, the trading post on the southern bank of the river at Graveley Ford came to be called Frenchmans Ford, and by 1863 when it was renamed for the last time, in honor of the principal Paiute chief of the region, a rough settlement had grown up along the river bank.

Winnemucca Fast Facts




North-central Nevada on the Humboldt River in the southeast corner of Humboldt County

  • Reno- 167 miles West
  • Boise, ID- 267 miles Northwest
  • Salt Lake City, UT- 366 miles East

7,646 within city limits; 18,052 within Humboldt County

Major Industries: 
  • Cattle and sheep Ranching
  • Gold and silver mining
  • Various agricultural industries
  • Average temperature in January: High 42/Low 17
  • Average temperature in July: High 93/ Low 51
  • Average annual rainfall: 8.23 inches
  • Average annual snowfall:  22 inches
  • 5 major casinos with gaming tables and slot machines